17 Profitable Small Capital Business Ideas

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onanity.xyz – Business ideas that start with small capital can be an alternative solution to get additional income. Because, this business model can be done by anyone.

Illustration, an employee puts clothes into the washing machine at a laundry business. Laundry services are a promising type of business, and are worth pursuing. A side business can be an alternative solution to bring in extra income.

In fact, some side business ideas can be started with very little capital. Since the pandemic that hit the world some time ago, the economic aspect has been the sector most affected. In Indonesia, a lot of employee salaries are cut. Some of them are forced to stay home.

Currently there are lots of business ideas that can be done by housewives. You don’t need big capital, the list of side business ideas below is guaranteed to generate good income as long as you take it seriously.

Here are some small capital business ideas for housewives:

  1. Cake Business Culinary business is a type of side business that is in great demand and has promising opportunities. For example, the cake-making business is now becoming a trend among housewives. Cake making services for birthdays, weddings, and so on can be a business idea with small capital. As long as you have the skill to make cakes, this business is considered to be able to bring in a decent income.
  2. Food and Catering Business Opportunities for the food and catering business are very promising. Moreover, this type of side business is suitable for housewives who have a lot of free time at home. To start a food catering business, a housewife doesn’t need to spend a lot of capital. Simply by cooking according to consumer orders, this business can become a new source of income.
  3. Sewing Business Sewing clothes in spare time can turn out to be a profitable business opportunity. Moreover, this type of business can be done at home. So it is very suitable for housewives. Opening a sewing service, especially in a residential area, can bring in additional income. Especially now that the price of used sewing machines is quite affordable. The biggest capital to start this business is the ability to sew neat clothes. So, consumers who use this service can feel satisfied.
  4. Laundry Business Since the past few years, laundry or laundry services have been very popular. Especially in densely populated areas where many students live. As a side business idea that can be done by housewives, the initial capital to start a laundry service is quite small. The capital to open a laundry is estimated at IDR 5 million. If taken seriously, these numbers can bring promising profits or profits in the future.
  5. Online Selling Business In today’s era, the existence of e-commerce is very familiar. Especially in urban communities. Moreover, every month there are people who rely on this platform to shop. Online selling business for housewives is highly recommended. Moreover, some products or goods can be sold with a small initial capital. Such as accessories, home decoration, and others. If you don’t have a lot of capital, housewives can also become dropshippers. a dropshipper is a person who sells products belonging to other parties, without having to stock and send orders to consumers. The goods sold will be delivered by a third party or manufacturer.

With a side business, an employee can earn additional profitable income.

Compiled from various sources, here are some profitable small side business ideas for employees:

  1. Opening a Coffee Shop The type of business that employees can do with small capital is opening a coffee shop. Even though nowadays there are lots of coffee shops or cafes, the popularity of coffee shops as hangout places is still in great demand by the public. Coffee shops are an alternative choice for employees who want to have a side business. Not only profitable, initial capital un To open this business is also relatively small, namely Rp 5 million. However, the figures above do not include the cost of renting a place. So, if you are interested in this business, try to detail the capital and operational costs first.
  2. Fish Livestock Consumption or Ornamental Fish Fish farming can be an alternative solution to get additional income. For example, catfish in a bucket that can be started with little capital. The initial cost of starting a catfish farming business in buckets is estimated at only IDR 120,000. This already includes the cost of buying seeds and buckets. In addition to consumption livestock such as catfish, ornamental fish cultivation can also bring additional profits. Ornamental fish such as betta and channa fish, which are currently on the rise among ornamental fish hobbyists, can be used as a side business with little capital.
  3. Vehicle Washing Services The next small capital business idea that an employee can do is to open a vehicle washing service. This type of business can be done with an initial capital that is not too large. The recommended vehicle washing service is motorbike washing. Someone who wants to start this business will usually spend around IDR 8 million in capital. This figure includes costs for motorbike washing equipment and so on.
  4.  Agents for Buying and Selling Used Vehicles Buying and selling used vehicles is still being done by most people. In practice, it is not uncommon for them to need an agent to get quality used vehicles at the right price. This can be a small capital business idea that can be run by an employee. The reason is because, this type of business relies on experience in the automotive sector. So, you don’t need a lot of money to get started.
  5. Become an Affiliate Online Shop Along with the development of online sales through marketplace platforms, recently a new type of side business has emerged which is very promising. The business is known as an affiliate. Affiliate itself is a commission-based sales. The principle of affiliate work is to pay someone who successfully sells goods or services from a brand. Interestingly, people who become affiliates do not have to spend capital. He simply offers a product to be purchased by consumers. Services like this are very suitable as small capital business ideas for employees.

However, most of the side businesses require large start-up capital and are time-consuming.

So are there any small capital business ideas for students? The answer is of course there. Quoting Upworks, here are some promising side business ideas without a penny of capital for students:

  1. Selling Photos Photography services can actually be done without the need for a digital camera. This is because the service referred to in this list is selling photos taken by cameras from digital phones to sites such as Shutterstock, Fiver, Freepik, Unsplash and so on. As a freelance photographer, a college student can make a living capturing images of events, physical products, places, and people. It is enough to have a smartphone camera, the photos can be sold according to the desired price.
  2. Course Services Course services are a side business option that many students do. Besides being profitable, this activity usually does not require large capital to start. In this business, what is most needed is skill and general knowledge. So, if you feel you have these abilities, there’s nothing wrong with trying a course service business.
  3.  Freelance Writer and Translator Copywriting is one of the most viable options for small capital side business ideas. As a freelance copywriter, a college student can write polished newsletters, ad copy, emails, e-books, articles, and other types of content that grabs the attention of readers. In addition, several writing fields such as content writers and translators can bring in a good income. The main capital is good writing skills and language skills. In other words, this business model doesn’t have to cost a lot to start with.
  4. Video Editing and Graphic Design Services For students who have video editing and graphic design skills, there is nothing wrong with offering services in this field. Because, currently there are lots of freelance sites that provide offers for these jobs. If consumers are satisfied, they will usually pay for these services at a hefty price. Especially clients from abroad. By capitalizing on skills in this field, students can get additional income.
  5.  Data Analyst This type of work has become popular recently. According to Upworks, the goal of data analysts is to help clients analyze specific pieces of data involving historical transactions or events. A data analyst plays an important role in uncovering major trends in customer behavior or other aspects of the business. Thus enabling companies to make informed decisions t details about day-to-day operations. This data analyst service has great potential as a small capital business idea. Because, if a student has good data analysis skills, then his abilities will be very much needed for this field of work.
  6. Programmers In today’s digital era, jobs as programmers are highly sought after by large companies. In fact, for the freelance segment there are also many who need these services. For students with skills in this field, being a freelance programmer will be very profitable if carried out.
  7. Social Media Admin Finally, there is a social media admin service which can be a profitable side business idea for students. As long as you have good communication skills, understand account development, and have unique ideas for creating content, a job as a social media admin will be very promising. Thus a review of profitable small capital business ideas.


In order to get out of this difficult situation, some people try to start a side business. Side business ideas with little capital can be done by anyone. Both housewives to students. Provided they have free time and can plan their side business carefully. People who want to start a side business are usually constrained by capital. This limitation then made him confused to determine what kind of side business idea was suitable for his financial condition. Even so, a wife can still contribute to help the family finances.

Hello, my name is Keyla Verminton usually called Keyla. I am a professional writer on several sites, one of which is this blog.

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