5 Ways to Make a Good and Right Business Plan

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onanity.xyz – Business Plan. A very important thing for every entrepreneur to know is how to make a business plan. Making a business plan is one sign of your seriousness in running a business. In addition, businesses that are run without a clear business plan will only end in losses.

A business plan or business plan is not easy to make, there are many aspects that must be considered before making it.

The business plan itself usually contains your goals for running the business, the strategy to be implemented, as well as various internal and external factors that need to be considered when running a business.

So, how do you make a business plan? To help you, here is a complete explanation of what a business plan is, how to make a business plan and the important factors that must be considered when making one.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan or business plan is a printed document made by an entrepreneur by describing or considering internal and external factors or aspects when starting or running a business. In general, what must be included in a business plan is the main purpose of running the business and the strategy to be implemented.

Everything written in the business plan must be detailed and realistic. This document will be your handle and guide when you are running the business. In addition, the business plan must also be clear and easy to understand by other people, such as employees, business partners, to other parties who are likely to be involved, such as banks or investors.

Important Factors Business Plan

In making a business plan, there are several important factors that you should consider. These factors can be internal or external. What are these factors? Let’s see the full explanation below!

1. Executive Summary

The executive summary is an explanation such as the company name and a macro description of the business you want to run. For example, the business you run will be engaged in what field and what vision and mission you want to achieve.

2. Introduction

In the introduction, you need to explain the background of the company, including the people who will be involved, the company structure, shareholders, and so on. You also need to explain the vision, mission, short term goals and long term goals of the business. Make sure everything you want to achieve is listed here.

3. Product Analysis

Products from a business can generally be divided into two, namely goods and services. If you want to sell an item, then you need to analyze whether the item can meet the needs of many people. In addition, you can also determine how to produce it, whether to create new items or upgrade existing items without changing their shape.

If you want to sell services, then you need to create a system for how these services will work, starting from how to order services to how the services will be provided to customers. The key is that you have to be able to create attractive, competitive, and relevant production and service delivery systems for customers so they can enjoy them.

4. Marketing Analysis

You need to explain the targeted market analysis and the target market. In addition, you also explain about competitors in the same field of business. Next, you need to explain how your company’s goals and marketing strategy will be carried out.

5. HR analysis

Every company needs workers to operate. There are many different divisions needed in a company and each division needs different people. People with different abilities need to be explained to know how your company’s operating system.

6. Financial Analysis

Running a business requires capital, be it money, infrastructure, and so on. You need to do financial analysis to be able to measure capital requirements, predict income, return on investment, and also calculate leverage in running a business.

7. Business Opportunity Analysis

Every business opportunity presents its own set of problems that must be faced. In analyzing business opportunities, you need to explain what problems the company might face and how to solve them or even avoid them.

8. Execution Plan

Next, you need to explain how you will carry out or execute the plans that have been made. Starting from the beginning of manufacture, production, marketing, to how to make a profit.

9. Appendix

Finally, you need to include documents such as company legality, certificates and other supporting documents that can further guarantee the quality of your business plan.

5 Ways to Maket Business Plan Easily

After knowing the important factors that must be considered when making a business plan, then you can start making it. You can follow the 5 easy ways to make a business plan below:

1. Doing Business Research

As explained above, there are various analyzes that must be carried out to create a business plan. Therefore, the first way to create a business plan is to do research. You can carry out this research yourself or use the services of someone else.

The research conducted must be relevant to your business, be able to produce results for inclusion in a business plan, and be able to address most of the problems you may encounter when doing business in the future.

2. Define Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision, mission, and goals are important and must exist in an organization. These three points will then become guidelines for everyone involved in the company when they are working. So you have to make sure to create a clear vision, mission and goals.

3. Create a Company Profile

The next way to make a business plan is to create a company profile or company profile. Company profile is a summary that introduces your company to various circles. For example, you can include how the company’s history was founded, what products are provided, the target market, and ownership of company resources.

4. Record All Financial Transactions

At some point, you will need a business plan to propose investments to other investors or parties.

Therefore, by recording all financial transactions, investors can understand your company’s cash flow and have more confidence to invest.

5. Develop a Marketing Strategy

Finally, the way to make a simple business plan is to develop a marketing strategy and an execution plan, including the strategy concept, promotional channels, and the required budget.


A business plan is the initial foundation when a businessman starts business. With careful business planning, you will have a clear direction in running your business. Another function of the business plan is as an initial view of whether a business is feasible or not to receive investment from investors.

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