Information Technology: Functions, Purpose, and Benefits

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur pulvinar ligula augue quis venenatis. – The more technology develops, the more fields that exist and need to be developed. One of them is information technology. This is a field that is closely related to technological developments. Without information technology, the developments that occur would not be as advanced as this. Understanding information technology in general is a study of design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially in hardware (hardware) and software (computer software) applications.

According to Wikipedia, the notion of Information technology (IT) is a general term for technology to assist humans in creating, changing, storing, communicating, and disseminating information. Information technology is a technology that has the function of processing data, processing data, obtaining, compiling, storing, changing data in all kinds of ways to obtain useful or quality information. In addition, the function of information technology is to solve a problem, open up creativity, increase effectiveness and efficiency in human activity.

It can be said that information technology is a variety of facilities consisting of hardware and software to support and improve the quality of information for the community quickly and with quality.

Definition of Information Technology

In general, the notion of information technology is a study of design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially hardware and software. According to ITTA (Information Technology Association of America), Understanding Information Technology is a study, design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially in computer hardware and software applications. Information technology utilizes electronic computers and computer software to change, store, process, protect, transmit and obtain information securely.

Information technology is not only important as a means of communication (read: Definition of Communication) via electronics, but is an important tool that should be owned in business as a means for coordinating and archiving important documents. Information technology is applied to manage information which is currently an important part due to the increasing complexity of management tasks, the influence of the international economy (globalization), the need for a faster response time, pressures resulting from business competition.

Information Technology Function

Of course, information technology has an important function. It is impossible that the existence of information technology does not have an important influence on life. There are at least six functions of information technology, namely Capture, Storage, Processing, Transmission, Retrieval, Generating. The following is a description of the six functions of information technology, namely:

  • Capture

Capturing here can be interpreted as inputting. For example, receiving input from mics, keyboards, scanners, and so on. The Capturing feature may also be familiar when you use it to store certain information.

  • Function of Information Technology as Processing (Processing)

This information technology function compiles detailed records of activities, for example receiving input from keyboards, scanners, mics and so on. With Processing you will more easily process your files and data.

  • Processing or processing the received input data to become information.

Processing or processing of data can be in the form of conversion (changing data into other forms), analysis (condition analysis), calculations (calculations), synthesis (combination) of all forms of data and information. With this function, it will definitely make it easier for the user

  • Information Technology Functions as Generating

The generating function is where technology acts as a tool for organizing information into a form that is more directed and easy to understand. Simple examples are graphs and tables.

  • Information Technology Functions as Storage

This information technology function records or stores data and information in a medium that can be used for other purposes. For example, saved to the hard drive, tape, floppy disk, CD (compact disc) and so on.

  • Information Technology Functions as Retrieval

This information technology function traces, retrieves information or copies data and information that has been stored, for example looking for suppliers who have paid off and so on. Sometimes stored data is difficult to find because too full with this function can facilitate the user and save time as well.

  • Information Technology Functions as Transmission

This function of information technology sends data and information from one location to another through a computer network. For example, sending sales data from user A to other users. So that we don’t need to copy one by one, just sharing with each other.

  • Information Technology Objectives

The purpose of Information Technology is to solve a problem, open up creativity, increase effectiveness and efficiency in doing work. So it can be said because of the need for problem solving, opening up human creativity and efficiency in doing work, being the cause or reference for the creation of information technology. Information technology makes human work easier and more efficient. In other words, because solutions, creativity, effectiveness and efficiency are needed in a work system, this information technology was then created.

Benefits of Information Technology

The benefits of information technology in daily activities are very important. This benefit can be used as a support for a better life because there is information technology that can help activities become more effective and efficient. These benefits can be classified based on their needs such as:

  • For Education

With the existence of information technology in the world of education, especially computers, it makes students more effective in learning. The computer is a tool that makes it easy to foster student creativity as well as a source of information.

  • For Industry and Manufacturing

Information technology can help make a product design plan that will be issued to the industry and can control production machines with good accuracy. Moreover, as we know the industry needs fast things for production in large quantities.

  • For Business and Banking

Information technology can help in transactions, store files more securely and have a more advanced banking system. And access can be controlled easily with just technology.

  • For Military

With advanced information technology, it can be used for navigation on submarines, controlling spacecraft with a rudder or without a rudder. With the existence of military technology, it can also make access when in a precarious situation.

  • For Technique and Knowledge

Information technology can be used to study soil structure, wind and weather. And can help in calculating. Currently access to knowledge is scattered everywhere and can be accessed easily with just an internet network. Likewise in the field of Engineering and certain projects.

  • For Medicine

Can be used in diagnosing a disease and taking pictures of all organs of the body with a computer. In fact, technology is an inseparable part of the current medical field, such as scans, radiology, and ultrasound.

  • For Government

Information technology can be applied in processing data and information aimed at the public. Can improve the relationship between the government and its people. So that what happens in a certain area can be known quickly using technology.

  • For Fun and Games

Computer technology can be used to make animation, advertising, graphic design and also audiovisual to make it better and more interesting. Even now, there are many programmers who create jobs for him at the same time.

  • For the Criminal Sector

Technology can make it easy for officers to solve problems, can easily detect violation after traffic violation and fingerprints. Even for crimes in the class of cybercrime, they can be easily tracked through technology.

Conclusion and Closing

The explanation above is certainly complete enough to add to your insight about information technology. The components used in information technology include Hardware, Software, Brainware (intelligence that exists in humans/users), Data, Information, and Knowledge. All of these components have become one unit to realize this information technology.

The many positive impacts provided by the existence of information technology, there is a negative side. The negative impact is like the younger generation who are increasingly addicted and dependent on the presence of this technological development. Therefore, in the midst of advancing technological developments, you should react wisely. This is done to avoid these negative impacts.

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