Information Technology: Understanding and Important Role in Business

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur pulvinar ligula augue quis venenatis. – The rapid development of technology demands developments in many fields, one of which is information technology. Information technology is a field that is closely related to technological developments.

Without the existence of qualified information technology, it is possible that the developments that occur will not be as far as they are today. Information technology is a study of design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially in hardware and software applications.

Reporting from Wikipedia, information technology is a term that is very common in the field of technology so that it can help humans change, create, store, communicate, and also disseminate important information. Information technology is a technology that functions in processing, processing, compiling, obtaining, storing and changing all data with various efforts in order to obtain useful and quality information.

In addition, another function of this technology is to find solutions to every problem, increase creativity, effectiveness, and also efficiency in human activities. Simply put, information technology is a variety of facilities which consist of both hardware and software to be able to support and improve the quality of information for the community quickly and with quality.

In order to understand more about information technology, both in the form of understanding, benefits and also the functions of information technology, then read this article to the end.

Definition of Information Technology

Understanding information technology in general is a study of planning, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially in hardware or software.

According to ITTA, information technology is a design, study, implementation, support, development or management of computer-based information systems, especially in computer hardware or software applications.

This technology uses electronic computers as well as computer software in order to change, process, store, protect, transmit, and also obtain information securely.

This technology can not only be used as a communication tool via electronics, but is also an important tool that should be owned in a business so that it can coordinate properly and also archive various other important documents.

This technology is applied in order to be able to manage information in real time, which is an important part because of the increasing level of complexity of management tasks, the influence of the globalization economy, and the importance of faster response times, as well as pressures due to business competition.

Information Technology Function

The technology certainly has a very important function. There are at least six main functions of information technology, namely capturing, storing, processing, transmitting, retrieving, and producing. Well, here is an explanation of the six functions.]

1. Capturing (Capture)

In this case, capturing is defined as inputting. For example, receiving input from keyboards, scanners, mics, and others. This feature is probably already familiar to those of us who use it to store some special information.

2. Processing

This function deals with aggregating activity records in detail. Like receiving input from keyboards, scanners, mics, and much more. With this function, it will be easier for you to process your files or data.

3. Processing or Processing Data

Processing or processing of data can be in the form of conversion, analysis, synthesis, calculation in all forms of data and information. With this function, it will be easier for users.

4. Generating

That is, this technology has an important role as a tool for organizing information into a form that is more directed and also easier to understand, a simple example is like a table or graph.

5. Storage

The next function of information technology is to record or store data and information in a medium that is easy to use for other purposes. Examples such as being stored on hard disks, diskettes, tapes, CDs, and other media.

6. Searching for Return (Retrieval)

In this case, this technology functions to trace, retrieve information or copy data and information that was previously stored. For example, such as looking for supplier data that has been paid off, etc.

Data that has been successfully saved is sometimes difficult to find because it is too full, but with this function, it will work It makes it easier for users and also saves time.

7. Transmission

Technology functions to send data as well as information from another location using a computer network. An example is sending sales data from user X to user Y. So, they no longer need to copy one by one anymore, they only need to share the file.

Information Technology Objectives

The main purpose of this technology is to be able to solve problems, increase creativity, effectiveness, and also efficiency in terms of doing work. So, the technology was created based on that. With the presence of information technology, human work will become more efficient and easier.

Benefits of Information Technology

This technology has very important benefits in daily activities. These benefits can be used as a tool to support a better life. Because, this technology is able to help activities become more effective and also more efficient.

These benefits can be classified based on the level of need, namely:

1. For the World of Education

With its presence in the world of education, especially computers, it will make every student more effective in learning. The computer is one of the tools that can make it easier to increase student creativity and also the source of information in it.

2. For the World of Industry and Manufacturing

This technology is also able to help make a product design plan that will be released by a company and can also control production machines with a good level of accuracy.

What’s more, the manufacturing industry will really need the speed and accuracy of production in very large quantities.

3. For the World of Business and Banking

With this technology, it will help users make transactions, store files safely and the banking system will become more advanced. In addition, access is also easier to control using only technology.

4. For the Military World

This technological advancement can be used as a navigation tool for submarines and to control aircraft without a rudder or with a rudder. The presence of military technology is also capable of creating access in an emergency situation.

5. For the World of Engineering and Knowledge

This technology can be used to study soil structure, weather and wind. In addition, this technology can also help calculations. Currently, access to knowledge can be accessed in many places easily by using the internet network. The same is true in engineering and also certain projects.

6. For the world of medicine

Information technology can be used to diagnose a disease and take pictures of all human organs using a computer. In fact, currently information technology is a part that is difficult to separate in the medical world, for example, such as scanning, radiology, and also ultrasound.

7. For Government

This technology can be applied to process data as well as information aimed at the whole community. Thus, the government and the community can improve their relationship with each other, and what is happening in an area can be known quickly.

8. For the World of Entertainment and Games

Computer technology can be used to make animation, graphic design, advertising, and audiovisual to make it look more attractive and better. Currently there are even many programmers who create jobs.

9. For the Criminal Sector

With the existence of technology, it will be easier for officials to solve a problem, so that it will be easier to detect violation after violation. Even cyber crimes can be easily tracked using technology.


Thus our full explanation of information technology. The components contained in this technology include software, hardware, brainware, knowledge, information and data. All of these components become a single unit that is useful for making information system technology.

Although this technology has many positive impacts, it is also not free from negative impacts. Some of the negative effects of this technology are addiction and dependency.

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