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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur pulvinar ligula augue quis venenatis. – IT implementation illustration. IT (Information AND Technology), is an unofficial acronym/abbreviation in Indonesian. IT is a general term for technology that assists humans in creating, modifying, storing, communicating and/or disseminating information. In the world of IT education, it can be termed as ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Information Technology has a broad meaning which includes all matters relating to the use of computers as information processing and all matters relating to the use of tools to transfer data from one device to another.

In general, there are three main objectives of IT, including:

  • To help humans in solving a problem
  • Supports and opens creativity

Increase effectiveness and efficiency in completing work

Information Technology functions are as follows:

Capture (Capture), IT can compile detailed records of various activities. For example, receiving input from keyboards, scanners, mics, and others.

Processing (Processing), IT can process / process the received input data which is then converted into new information. This data processing can be in the form of conversion, analysis, calculation, to combining various forms of information and data.

Generating, will generate or organize information into a useful form. For example graphs, tables, calculations, and so forth

  • Storing (Storage), IT can record information and data onto a medium which can then be used for other purposes. For example, data is stored on flash drives, CDs, and hard drives.
  • Retrieve (Retrival), IT is able to find and trace back information and data that has been stored. For example looking for client data that has not made a payment.

As Transmission, IT can send data and information from one location to another using a computer network. For example sending sales data to other teams in different locations.

Components of Information Technology as an assistant to IT, namely:

Hardware is a computer device used by an operator or brainware. Hardware consists of:

  1. Processor
  2. Memory card
  3. Peripherals (input and output devices)
  4. Data cable

Software (Software) is a media that bridges between hardware and brainware (operators). This software can help optimize hardware functions by translating various instructions given by the operator.

  1. Infoware is a documentation of an information or data.
  2. Fireware is a permanent storage medium. Its function is as a place to store various data on a computer.
  3. Brainware (user) is the most important component of information technology. Without Brainware, our computers will not be able to operate because actually the function of the computer is a tool to support the needs of a user.

Information Technology is a study, design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially in computer hardware and software applications. Information technology utilizes electronic computers and computer software to change, store, process, protect, transmit and obtain information securely.

Today’s information technology is very important because many organizations have implemented information technology to support organizational activities. Information Technology is applied to manage information which is currently an important part because:

  • Due to the increasing complexity of management tasks,
  • due to the influence of the international economy (globalization),
  • because of the need for a faster response time,
  • due to pressure resulting from business competition.

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