3 Purpose of Compilation of Business Education Plan And 3 Best Things Examples

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Onanity.xyz – A business education plan proposal has a fairly important role in a business trip, this is why it must be made as well as possible. Making a business plan can be done by looking at examples of business plan proposals that already exist or are owned by other companies.

An example of a business plan, of course, must be adjusted to various things related to the business that will be run itself, such as the type of business and also the scale of the business and others. This will allow the business plan to be relevant and can still be used to achieve maximum business goals.

The following are some of the objectives of a more detailed company business education education plan example:

Business Education

1. Provide a Roadmap

The roadmap is an overview of the business education education trip that will be carried out, where every step that will be carried out can be seen clearly in this one section.

The roadmap will help simplify the business education education development process from stage to stage, so that all the important things in it can be achieved, such as business education education goals, sales targets and others.

2. Clarify business education education Focus

The business education Plan will also help business education people stay focused on their business education. This will enable business educationes to stay on the right track, so that various business goals can be achieved properly.

Not only that, the purpose of this business plan will also facilitate business execution in achieving its goals, including when it comes to conducting various evaluations needed for this matter.

3. Be Proof of Seriousness

Business plan proposals are not only intended for large and experienced businessmen, but also for beginners. The preparation of this business plan can be proof of seriousness in building the business itself.

In addition, a business plan can also be used as supporting information in convincing potential clients or investors to join the business, so that the business development process can run smoothly.

Example of a business plan

The following is an example of a “Viral St.Box Coffee” business plan that can be used as a consideration:

  • Background
    Write down the background why you want to run the “Current Coffee” business briefly.

For example: “Contemporary Coffee Business has a bright opportunity and will be able to grow rapidly if it is run with quality raw materials. Contemporary Coffee is prepared professionally and will present the best taste…

  • Vision and mission

Also set a clear business vision and mission, so investors can easily understand:

For example:

Vision: Selling various coffee drinks that can increase positive energy.
Mission: to present coffee with the best taste, complete with the best and most enjoyable service.

  • Product overview

Describe business products in a precise and clear way, so that it is easy for other people/clients to understand. For example: “The modern coffee business sells various types of the best coffee drinks. In addition, we also provide a variety of delicious companion menus, such as: cakes, pastries, and several other heavy meals.

Business plan

This information is usually present at the end of a sample business plan proposal and contains various important points, including:

1. Preparation

This section contains information about the search for raw materials, the processing process, and serving the coffee to consumers.

2. Marketing strategy

This section explains what marketing strategies will be used in business, both digital and manual marketing. For example: creating a buy one get one free promo on Tuesdays, running marketing through an online food delivery application, and others.

3. Budget Plan

This section explains the various purchase prices of raw materials and other costs incurred in detail, for example:

  • Stall rental fee: USD 10,000
  • Purchase of kilo coffee: IDR 400 x 3 kg = USD1,200
  • Paper cups: IDR 500 x 100 pcs = USD50
  • Other costs and incidentals USD2,000

Budget Sources

Business capital can come from various sources, including from personal funds and investors as below.

For example:

  • Personal capital: USD8,000
  • Loan funds: USD8,000
  • Estimated funds from investors: USD10,000
  • Other funding sources.
  • Organizational structure


Basically, the main purpose of making this business plan is to provide information about the business trip that will be carried out, what things will be focused on in the business, and how the business is projected in the future.

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